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martes, mayo 03, 2011

La muerte del terrorista y la democracia

Excelente apertura a lo que sin duda será una apasionada sección de comentarios a la nota Behind the Hunt for Bin Laden del New York Times. La autora del comentario se identifica como Amanda, de Sao Paulo, Brazil:
I agree that because of the terrible acts this man had perpetrated, he deserved to be punished. But why not with a trial, at a court of law? Why the murder? Why the disposal of the body at sea, depriving the family of a proper funeral?
Coming from a country that suffered many years of dictatorship, during which such actions were common, I am afraid I expected more from a democratic nation. Especially from the one which I believed was the defender of democracy and human rights in the world.
The death of Osama does not, in any way, represent a loss to our world. However, his murder does.
Agregamos como corolario una caricatura de Arístides Hernández que viene muy al caso con el comentario citado.

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