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sábado, julio 30, 2011

Multiculturalismo y tribalismo

A propósito de los tristes acontecimientos en Noruega, Michael Tiscornia hace las siguientes observaciones, de una calidad que no merece el artículo que provoca su conentario, en relación con las probabilidades y riesgos sociales que enfrenta el fenómeno del multiculturalismo en Europa y Estados Unidos: 
I lived in Europe for a couple of years and during that time you could sense the tribalism that still exists there based upon the nation state concept. The positives of course are the myraid cultural and historical differences that define the European landscape. Nevertheless, latent tribalism has made the assimilation of other nationalities more difficult and has fostered nationalist political entities that exploit the underlying fears of the population.
In the United States, the ability to assimilate newcomers from different backgrounds has been a part of our history. The acceptance of new immigrants (or different ideas) has not always been easy and our history is full of examples of intolerance and injustice; such as nativist political parties, segregation, internment, etc. Even today we can witness how fear of those different from ourselves can be harnessed for unscrupulous purposes.
One can only hope that Europe can find a way to overcome its inherent fear of change and build a community based on respect of others. Likewise, we here in the United States must seek ways to overcome the growing intolerance fostered upon the national landscape by the purveyors of fear and hatred.

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