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jueves, julio 28, 2011

El estado nación y "los otros"

Stephen dice lo siguiente en comentario a artículo del New York Times:
Extreme views always have the nominal culture as a midwife. I don't think culture can be wished away or ignored because it exists for very good reasons. People sharing the same culture and language is the basis of the tribe, clan and nation-state. Protection against "the other" is the driving force.
Europe is a continent of many small nation-states with different micro cultures jammed together living side by side. Although they've solved their past differences by forging a broader European culture, the notion of "the other" (why humans form into groups in the first place), never really goes away.
En relación con el mismo tema, Melly anota lo que sigue:
 As long as tribal distinctions are used against one another we will ignore the fact that we are all of one tribe, and we are in this together (as most of the main religions try to point out).

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